APPENDIX 2. Interview questions used to record hunting offtakes every 2 days for each hunter.

Hunter’s name:
Ethnic group:
Where did you hunt in the last 2 days?
How many days did you stay?
Did you hunt with gun or snare?
Did you hunt at night or during the day?
If snare hunting:
How many snares did you set or reset in the last 2 days?
How many snares did you visit?
If gun hunting
How many and what type of animals did you see? 
How many of those animals did you shoot?
How many cartridges did you use? 
How many animals did you kill?
Description of hunted animals
Forest type
Gun or snare
Night or day
With or without dogs
With or without calls
Name of the place, river, or camp
Sold (to whom) or for own consumption?