Table 3. Major drought protection measures.

Issue         Action
Management of water supply Increased water storage in surface reservoirs
Increased water storage in groundwater reservoirs
Conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater
Water transfer from external sources (interbasin)
Water reuse and water recycling
Desalinization of sea water
Management of water demand Improved efficiency in water use in different sectors, e.g., agriculture, domestic, industrial
Improved land use in agriculture: crop substitution, modified vegetation cover to reduce evapotranspiration
Improved industrial practices with water-saving schemes
Development of water allocation strategies among competing demands, exchange of water rights
Drought contingency planning: restrictions on water use, rationing schemes, special water tariffs, reduction in low-value uses, e.g., in agriculture
System of water pricing and subsidies, legal measures
Development of nonfarm livelihoods in drought-affected areas
Awareness raising, information and education on proper use of scarce water resources
Improved monitoring and forecasting, evaluation of water supply and water management using models