Table 4. The five most important mangrove species, ranked by Important Value Index (IVI) in two community forests (CF) and two state forests (SF) in Trang, southern Thailand.

Landward Site Seaward Site
Tong Tasae (CF) Tab Jak (SF) Laem Makham (CF) To Ban (SF)
Species IVI Species IVI Species IVI Species IVI
Xylocarpus moluccensis 123.0 Rhizophora apiculata 56.9 Rhizophora apiculata 178.3 Rhizophora apiculata 129.8
Heritiera littoralis 39.8 Xylocarpus moluccensis 55.8 Ceriops decandra 52.2 Ceriops decandra 56.9
Xylocarpus granatum 27.9 Xylocarpus granatum 49.6 Bruguiera parviflora 18.8 Ceriops tagal 45.2
Ceriops decandra 26.3 Ceriops decandra 34.0 Rhizophora mucronata 15.1 Xylocarpus moluccensis 28.1
Excoecaria agallocha 21.4 Bruguiera sexangula 26.5 Avicennia alba 8.9 Avicennia marina 5.0