Table 1. Patterns of use of various fishing areas.

Pattern of use Fishing area code Name of fishing area†
Visited several times per year A
Xpatacl (=Almo)
Barco H. and Paredones
Visited generally only once per year D
Hona iyat
Quipcö Coospoj (=Campo Víboras)
Boca Norte
Visited generally only once every few years G
Zozni iyat
Sacpátix (=Punta Palo Fierro)
Only visited when harvesting Pinna rugosa I Chorales Hona

†Names are given in Comcáac, Spanish, or both, as they are used by fishers. Only fishing areas that were mentioned by > 20 fishers (83%, n = 24) are included. Data sources: GPS waypoints during fishing trips between June 2000 and June 2001, mapping interviews, fishers’ journals, and data available form other sources.