Fig. 2. Sample of the yearly fruit productivity map prepared by the community. Translated from the Soliga language, the title reads: Estimated quantities of amla fruits available in the forest of BiligiriRangana Betta, Yelandur taluka (range), during 1998–1999. In 1998–1999, amla harvesters from different settlements in theYelandur range of the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary visually estimated the amount of amla fruits produced within their demarcated land of 11,000 ha. The names of 32 forest areas were mentioned by the harvesters and recorded on the map, as is the total quantity of estimated amla fruit produced (25 t) and extracted (12.9 t) that year. In each of eight settlements, 10–15 Soliga harvesters were involved in the estimation of fruit production and extraction for their forest regions, which were then combined to create the total indicated on the map. Therefore, in total some 70 to 120 people were involved in preparing this map.