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Table of Contents: Volume 13, Issue 2

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A Different Future
Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke
Guest Editorial
Globalization and Land-Use Transitions in Latin America
H. Ricardo Grau and Mitchell Aide
Agricultural Abandonment, Suburban Growth, and Forest Expansion in Puerto Rico between 1991 and 2000
Isabel K Parés-Ramos, William A Gould, and T. Mitchell Aide
Thirty Years of Human Demography and Land-Use Change in the Atlantic Forest of Misiones, Argentina: an Evaluation of the Forest Transition Model
Andrea E. Izquierdo, Carlos D. De Angelo, and T. Mitchell Aide
Adaptive Management and Social Learning in Collaborative and Community-Based Monitoring: a Study of Five Community-Based Forestry Organizations in the western USA
Maria E. Fernandez-Gimenez, Heidi L. Ballard, and Victoria E. Sturtevant
Metropolitanization and Forest Recovery in Southern Brazil: a Multiscale Analysis of the Florianópolis City-Region, Santa Catarina State, 1970 to 2005
Sandra R Baptista
Land-Use and Land Cover Dynamics in South American Temperate Grasslands
Germán Baldi and José M. Paruelo
Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration and Learning
Deana D Pennington
Institutions for Managing Resilient Salmon (Oncorhynchus Spp.) Ecosystems: the Role of Incentives and Transaction Costs
Susan S Hanna
The Dynamics of Social Capital in Influencing Use of Soil Management Options in the Chinyanja Triangle of Southern Africa
Jemimah M Njuki, Mariam T Mapila, Shamie Zingore, and Robert Delve
Wildfire and Spatial Patterns in Forests in Northwestern Mexico: The United States Wishes It Had Similar Fire Problems
Scott L Stephens, Danny L. Fry, and Ernesto Franco-Vizcaíno
Regional Variation in Non-Timber Forest Product Harvest Strategies, Trade, and Ecological Impacts: the Case of Black Dammar (Canarium strictum Roxb.) Use and Conservation in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India
Anita Varghese and Tamara Ticktin
Integrating Data, Biology, and Decision Models for Invasive Species Management: Application to Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia esula)
Ayaz Hyder, Brian Leung, and Zewei Miao
Risk Mapping of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Distribution and Spread
A. Townsend Peterson and Richard A. J. Williams
Historical, Demographic, and Economic Correlates of Land-Use Change in the Republic of Panama
Stuart Joseph Wright and Mirna Julieta Samaniego
Biological and Ecological Mechanisms Supporting Marine Self-Governance: the Seri Callo de Hacha Fishery in Mexico
Xavier Basurto
Managing Waters of the Paraíba do Sul River Basin, Brazil: a Case Study in Institutional Change and Social Learning
Lori M. Kumler and Maria Carmen Lemos
Why Forests Are Important for Global Poverty Alleviation: a Spatial Explanation
William D Sunderlin, Sonya Dewi, Atie Puntodewo, Daniel Müller, Arild Angelsen, and Michael Epprecht
Modification of Land Cover in a Traditional Agroforestry System in Spain: Processes of Tree Expansion and Regression
Tobias Plieninger and Michael Schaar
Wild Bird Movements and Avian Influenza Risk Mapping in Southern Africa
Graeme S. Cumming, Philip A. R. Hockey, Leo W. Bruinzeel, and Morne A. Du Plessis
Outcomes of State- vs. Community-Based Mangrove Management in Southern Thailand
Chanyut Sudtongkong and Edward L. Webb
Toward a Relational Concept of Uncertainty: about Knowing Too Little, Knowing Too Differently, and Accepting Not to Know
Marcela Brugnach, Art Dewulf, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, and Tharsi Taillieu
Adaptations of a Yucatec Maya Multiple-Use Ecological Management Strategy to Ecotourism
Eduardo García-Frapolli, Víctor M Toledo, and Joan Martinez-Alier
Practices and Lessons Learned in Coping with Climatic Hazards at the River-Basin Scale: Floods and Droughts
Valentina Krysanova, Hendrik Buiteveld, Dagmar Haase, Fred F Hattermann, Kate van Niekerk, Koen Roest, Pedro Martínez-Santos, and Maja Schlüter
Hunting for Livelihood in Northeast Gabon: Patterns, Evolution, and Sustainability
Nathalie van Vliet and Robert Nasi
Integration of Local Ecological Knowledge and Conventional Science: a Study of Seven Community-Based Forestry Organizations in the USA
Heidi L Ballard, Maria E Fernandez-Gimenez, and Victoria E Sturtevant
Social Movements and Ecosystem Services—the Role of Social Network Structure in Protecting and Managing Urban Green Areas in Stockholm
Henrik Ernstson, Sverker Sörlin, and Thomas Elmqvist
Will Wallace’s Line Save Australia from Avian Influenza?
Hamish I. McCallum, David A. Roshier, John P. Tracey, Leo Joseph, and Robert Heinsohn
Making Investments in Dryland Development Work: Participatory Scenario Planning in the Makanya Catchment, Tanzania
Elin I Enfors, Line J Gordon, Garry D Peterson, and Deborah Bossio
Exploring the Role of Private Wildlife Ranching as a Conservation Tool in South Africa: Stakeholder Perspectives
Jenny A Cousins, Jon P Sadler, and James Evans
What Constitutes Success in Pacific Island Community Conserved Areas?
Joanna C Axford, Marc T Hockings, and R W. (Bill) Carter
Green Light for Nocturnally Migrating Birds
Hanneke Poot, Bruno J. Ens, Han de Vries, Maurice A. H. Donners, Marcel R. Wernand, and Joop M. Marquenie
A Spatially Explicit Decision Support System for Watershed-Scale Management of Salmon
E. Ashley Steel, Aimee Fullerton, Yuko Caras, Mindi B. Sheer, Patricia Olson, David Jensen, Jennifer Burke, Michael Maher, and Paul McElhany
Mapping the World’s Intact Forest Landscapes by Remote Sensing
Peter Potapov, Aleksey Yaroshenko, Svetlana Turubanova, Maxim Dubinin, Lars Laestadius, Christoph Thies, Dmitry Aksenov, Aleksey Egorov, Yelena Yesipova, Igor Glushkov, Mikhail Karpachevskiy, Anna Kostikova, Alexander Manisha, Ekaterina Tsybikova, and Ilona Zhuravleva
Rehabilitation of an Incised Stream Using Plant Materials: the Dominance of Geomorphic Processes
F. Douglas Shields, Jr., S. Reza Pezeshki, Glen V. Wilson, Weiming Wu, and Seth M. Dabney
State-Led Ecotourism Development and Nature Conservation: a Case Study of the Changbai Mountain Biosphere Reserve, China
Jianqiong Yuan, Limin Dai, and Qingli Wang
Tropical Deforestation, Community Forests, and Protected Areas in the Maya Forest
David Barton Bray, Elvira Duran, Victor Hugo Ramos, Jean-Francois Mas, Alejandro Velazquez, Roan Balas McNab, Deborah Barry, and Jeremy Radachowsky
Urban Forest and Rural Cities: Multi-sited Households, Consumption Patterns, and Forest Resources in Amazonia
Christine Padoch, Eduardo Brondizio, Sandra Costa, Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez, Robin R. Sears, and Andrea Siqueira
From Invisibility to Transparency: Identifying the Implications
Nancy J Turner, Robin Gregory, Cheryl Brooks, Lee Failing, and Terre Satterfield
Rethinking the Galapagos Islands as a Complex Social-Ecological System: Implications for Conservation and Management
José A González, Carlos Montes, José Rodríguez, and Washington Tapia
Public Health and Epidemiological Considerations For Avian Influenza Risk Mapping and Risk Assessment
Joseph P. Dudley
Competing Claims on Natural Resources: What Role for Science?
Ken E. Giller, Cees Leeuwis, Jens A. Andersson, Wim Andriesse, Arie Brouwer, Peter Frost, Paul Hebinck, Ignas Heitkönig, Martin K. van Ittersum, Niek Koning, Ruerd Ruben, Maja Slingerland, Henk Udo, Tom Veldkamp, Claudius van de Vijver, Mark T. van Wijk, and Pieter Windmeijer
Sustainable Forest Management in Cameroon Needs More than Approved Forest Management Plans
Paolo Omar Cerutti, Robert Nasi, and Luca Tacconi
Avian Information Systems: Developing Web-Based Bird Avoidance Models
Judy Shamoun-Baranes, Willem Bouten, Luit Buurma, Russell DeFusco, Arie Dekker, Henk Sierdsema, Floris Sluiter, Jelmer van Belle, Hans van Gasteren, and Emiel van Loon
Adaptive Capacity and Traps
Stephen R Carpenter and William A. Brock
Mechanisms to Improve Integrative Research at the Science-Policy Interface for Sustainable Catchment Management
Christopher (Kit) J. A. Macleod, Kirsty L. Blackstock, and Phil M. Haygarth
Rethinking Partnerships with the Aim of Producing Knowledge with Practical Relevance: a Case Study in the Field of Ecological Restoration
Héloïse Gonzalo-Turpin, Nathalie Couix, and Laurent Hazard
Resilience in Lower Columbia River Salmon Communities
Irene E. Martin
Omora Ethnobotanical Park and the UNESCO Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve
Eugene C Hargrove, Mary T. K. Arroyo, Peter H Raven, and Harold Mooney
What Is the Vulnerability of a Food System to Global Environmental Change?
Polly J Ericksen
Linking Flow Regime and Water Quality in Rivers: a Challenge to Adaptive Catchment Management
Christer Nilsson and Birgitta Malm Renöfält
Evaluation of a Participatory Resource Monitoring System for Nontimber Forest Products: the Case of Amla (Phyllanthus spp.) Fruit Harvest by Soligas in South India
R. Siddappa Setty, Kamal Bawa, Tamara Ticktin, and C. Made Gowda
Sensitivity of the Colorado Plateau to Change: Climate, Ecosystems, and Society
Susan Schwinning, Jayne Belnap, David R Bowling, and James R Ehleringer
From Premise to Practice: a Critical Assessment of Integrated Water Resources Management and Adaptive Management Approaches in the Water Sector
Wietske Medema, Brian S McIntosh, and Paul J Jeffrey
Balancing Accuracy and Meaning in Common-Pool Resource Theory
Michael Cox
Epistemological Pluralism: Reorganizing Interdisciplinary Research
Thaddeus R Miller, Timothy D Baird, Caitlin M Littlefield, Gary Kofinas, F. Stuart Chapin III, and Charles L Redman
The Influence of Philosophical Perspectives in Integrative Research: a Conservation Case Study in the Cairngorms National Park
Anna C. Evely, Ioan Fazey, Michelle Pinard, and Xavier Lambin
Science Explicitly for Nonscientists
A response to: Lakshminarayanan. 2007. “Using Citizens to Do Science Versus Citizens as Scientists”
Caren B Cooper, Janis L Dickinson, Tina Phillips, and Rick Bonney
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087