Table 2. Duration and aims of alternative development programs used as part of anti-coca policies (sources: Bostwick et al. 1990, Ortuño 2002, Jackson et al. 2003). CDRP = Cochabamaba Regional Development Program; CORDEP = Chapare Regional Development Project; CONCADE = Counter-Narcotics Consolidation of Alternative Development Program.

Years Project Aims
1984–1987 CDRP Research and development into alternative crops to coca. Creation of micro regions around growth poles.
1987–1990 CDRP (amended) Concentrated resources into Chapare region, involved crop substitution and research and development into over 40 substitute crops.
1991–1999 CORDEP Marketing and subsidizing of a few specific coca alternatives, e.g., palm hearts, bananas, and pineapples (determined from the results of CRDP), coined “economy substitution.”
1999–2004 CONCADE Support for Plan Dignidad, aimed at encouraging alternatives and stabilize alternative markets to coca bushes as they were eradicated.