Table 5. Main uses and explanatory conditions for the limited use of actor analysis.

Case Main use of actor analysis Case-specific conditions that contributed to the limited use of actor analysis
National water resources plan, Egypt General learning about a new perspective of interdependencies among actors The output partly ran against the predominantly hierarchic and collectivist culture in Egypt and the civil engineering background of the experts
Diffuse pollution, Netherlands Confirmation of existing knowledge and new insight that simultaneously emerged from other sources; small contribution through learning about the perceptions of other actors The low priority of the diffuse pollution issue and other demands on experts’ time made it difficult to introduce significant changes
River basin planning, Turkey Quick introduction to the project area for the project team and introduction of the project to the actors The tight schedule and financial resources did not leave room to deviate from project terms of reference and the European Union’s Water Framework Directive
Regional water management, Philippines Confirmation of existing project agenda, confirmation/indication of the need for actor education and participation The actor analysis raised politically sensitive issues; the project management changed after the actor analysis