Table 4. The top ten journals with the greatest number of citations in resilience, vulnerability, and adaptation over the period 1977–2007. (The # symbol refers to the number of received citations, the figures between parentheses are the number of articles in that journal in that knowledge domain.)

RankJournal #Journal#Journal#
1Annual Review of Ecology526 (8)Global Environmental Change437 (88)Climatic Change391 (102)
2Nature443 (10)Climatic Change332 (98)Global Environmental Change383 (80)
3Ecosystems423 (40)Science158 (13)Climatic Research60 (36)
4Ecology and Society296 (28)Progress in Human Geography143 (10)Climate Policy49 (23)
5Ecological Applications211 (37)AAAG124 (27)Progress in Human Geography44 (4)
6Journal of Rangeland Management186 (11)IDS Bulletin112 (20)Agricultural and Forest Meteorology35 (9)
7Science182 (16)PNAS79 (15)PNAS32 (2)
8Ambio167 (47)World Development74 (13)Building Research and Information29 (12)
9Conservation Biology135 (25)Climate Research70 (48)AAAG28 (14)
10Ecological Economics130 (61)Ambio50 (24)Ambio28 (6)