Table 1. The top ten journals with the greatest number of papers (left) and the greatest number of citations (right) within the whole database over the period 1977–2007.

Papers published, 1977–2007 Papers cited, 1977–2007



No. of articles

No. of citations
(No. of articles)
1Climatic Change152Global Environmental Change669 (118)
2Global Environmental Change118Climatic Change639 (152)
3Ecology and Society109Annual Review of Ecology531 (8)
4Ecological Economics74Nature530 (21)
5Environmental Management74Ecosystems450 (42)
6Ambio67Science384 (27)
7Climate Research65Ecology and Society316 (109)
8Human Ecology44Ecological Applications253 (42)
9Ecological Applications42Ambio219 (67)
10Ecosystems42Journal of Rangeland Management196 (11)