Table 2. Academic structure of the University of Idaho (UI)-Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship program (University of Idaho-CATIE 2001).

Programmatic component Description
Mentorship Co-advisors (UI and CATIE) required for students conducting research in Costa Rica; committee member on all student committees from both the UI College of Natural Resources and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Team research project Students training in different disciplinary fields work together to jointly define research problems and conduct interdisciplinary research.
Dissertation chapters Students must include at least one co-authored interdisciplinary chapter in their dissertation in addition to departmental dissertation requirements.
Interdisciplinary courses Interdisciplinary Research in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability,a three-credit course used to develop team proposals;
Current Issues in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability,a semi-annual seminar used to explore the literature across a variety of disciplines and promote interdisciplinary dialogue
Cross-disciplinary coursework Two required courses in each of four core areas: (1) social science and ethics, (2) economics, (3) biophysical sciences, and (4) agriculture or forestry
Preliminary exam Interdisciplinary component of each student’s qualifying exam
Internship 3- to 6-month research internship required for each student to develop breadth of international and/or interdisciplinary experience
Annual program meeting Field visits to student research sites, student/faculty symposia focusing on team research, and interdisciplinary training workshops