Table 3. Evaluation criteria to prioritize and weight the final list of indicators. Adapted from Tegler et al. (2001).

Criterion category Specific evaluation criterion
Data availability 1. Information can be provided by experts or stakeholders in office
2. Number of years of available data
Primary data collection methods for stakeholders 1. Methods well documented
2. Specialized knowledge not required
3. Specialized equipment not required for sampling
Data quality 1. Detection of trends or thresholds
2. Baseline conditions established
3. Repeatable
4. Accurate
Interpretation for stakeholders 1. Clarity of results
2. Information is easily communicated and presented
Human and financial costs 1. Cost to acquire available data, for secondary data only
2. Data collection methods, i.e., time investment, for primary data only
3. Data collection costs, for primary data only
4. Data analysis, for both primary and secondary data