Table 2. Diablo Trust three-part holistic goal. Source: Diablo Trust (1999).


Goal or value Specific objective
1. Quality of life A. To have understanding, support, and acceptance that the rancher is the foundation for the sustainable long-term health of the Diablo Trust lands and open spaces
B. To lead well-balanced lives with individual freedom to practice personal beliefs, religions, and life-styles
C. To enjoy both immediate and extended family, harmony, and pride
D. To achieve life-long personal satisfaction, self-worth, and sense of well-being
E. To be constructive and respected members of our communities
F. To contribute economically, educationally, politically, socially, and spiritually to community well-being
G. To live in safe, aesthetic, and ecologically sound settings
H. To foster rural and small-town lifestyles and community cohesion
I. To pass optimum options on to our children and future generations
2. Forms of production A. To earn a reasonable return from management and equity from livestock, wildlife, wood products, recreation, education, and other sources not in conflict with our values
B. To produce high-quality food from the management of land and water
C. To implement land and resource projects initiated by nonranchers in cooperation with the Diablo Trust and the community
3. Future landscape and resource base Future human resource base:
     A. People who are open, accessible, and willing to listen and learn from
     others, as well as share what they are doing and learning
     B. People who are friendly and committed to the work that they are doing
     C. People who are honest, trustworthy, and consistent
     D. People who strive to communicate well and to be realistic in their
     commitments to each other, and who do not promise what they cannot
Future land resource base:
     E. Viable and diverse faunal and floral communities throughout all zones of
     the area
     F. Some areas within each of the vegetative zones that appear not to be
     dominated by humans
     G. Forested areas with a mosaic of canopy closures and forest structures
     H. Water cycles, mineral cycles, energy cycles, and biological succession that
     are fully functional