Table 1. Mean adult densities of non-swarming populations of C. italicus in different habitat types in eastern Kazakhstan.

Type of habitat Number/m2
1. Virgin land; dense short grass (Festuca sulcata) 3.5
2. Patches of Artemisia maritima surrounded by short grass 7.6
3. Current year’s cultivations, e.g., wheat, etc. 0
4. Early fallow, with some grass, sparse Artemisia and other herbs; bare patches 20
5. Older fallow, with tall weeds including Artemisia 26
6. Very old fallow, with dense grass turf (Festuca sulcata) 0.25
7. Overgrazed communal pasture, with Festuca, Artemisia, Polygonum aviculare, Alyssum, etc. 20

Source: adapted from Uvarov (1977).