Table 1. Summary of questions used to collect socio-demographic information and specific information on farming activites during initial interviews and second-round interviews performed 1 yr later.

Type or timing of information Interview question
Socio-demographic information How long have you farmed in this region?
Were you born in this community? If not, from which region are you and your family?
Initial interviews List the names of persons in your community whom you seek for advice on farm practices.
List the names of persons with whom you discuss farm-related activities.
What type of information do you discuss?
Are you involved in community activities? What type of activities?
Do you observe other farms or farmers?
Have you ever altered your farm practices after observing another farm or farmer?
Second-round interviews List your sources of information on farming practices and management.
What specific information do you seek from each source?
Do you feel that all sources of information are useful?
Do you conduct on-farm experiments? What type of information do you seek from your experiments?
Do you share your newly acquired or original information with other farmers?