Fig. 1. The idea behind the adaptive co-management system in the KVBR is to link clusters in order to address complex interactions in the landscape. The lefthand figure shows the KVBR before1989. Each cluster involves multiple levels, but was often narrow in focus. In the righthand figure, SEM provided leadership in the form of a vision and goals as part of a comprehensive framework (narrative)—a direction in which SEM can make sense of a range of information in the context and framework of the BO (at the time called the Ecomuseum Kristianstads Vattenrike, EKV) framework. Policy networks develop to connect institutions and organizations, and to facilitate information flows, identify knowledge gaps, and create nodes of expertise of significance for ecosystem management. The red dotted line indicates new connections between nodes of different networks. These connections help match the different scales in the landscape (e.g., cultivation practices, overgrowth, birds in the flooded meadow project).