Appendix 1. Interview Details.

Table A1-1. Details of semistructured interviews conducted for this research. 

Interviewee’s affiliation
  Date/interview type
Scottish National Heritage (SNH)   9 January 2003/individual
Association of Salmon Fisheries Boards   15 April 2003/individual
Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory, Faskally, Pitlochry   13 January 2003/group (three)
Forestry Commission   13 January 2003/group (three)
Scottish Environment Link (SEL)   14 April 2003/individual
Scottish Environment Link and Scottish Wildlife Trust   14 April 2003/group (pair)
Scottish Environmental Protection Authority (SEPA)   28 March 2003/individual
SEPA   28 March 2003/individual
Glasgow and Clyde Valley Core Team (Planning)   14 April 2003/individual
SEPA Board   15 April 2003/individual
Scottish Executive   27 May 2003/group (three)
SEPA   10 January 2003/individual
SEPA   9 January 2003/group (pair)