Table 1. Results of a survey concerning the pros and cons of living in and out of the forest

Living in the forest (Upper Tubu) Living out of the forest (Respen Sembuak)
Positive Positive
Forest products for food 77% Access to dispensary 76%
Land for swidden cultivation 65% Access to education 58%
Forest products for material 55% Access to information 37%
Forest products for cash 21% Work opportunities 33%
Sharing / mutual work 20% Electricity 26%
Transportation 25%
Rice mills 22%
Negative Negative
No health care 67% Lack of security 62%
Basic goods expensive 59% Drugs and alcohol 54%
Poor accessibility 41% Loss of Punan culture 46%
No rice mill available 33% Lack of access to agricultural land 35%
No government subsidies 31% Competition with other groups 29%
Weakening of customary rules 22%
No forest products for food 22%