Fig. 5. Fitted response surfaces for all 8 desertscrub study species under the best models. Green surfaces are predictions of the constraint model MCONSTRAINT for each species, and orange surfaces are predictions of the best model for the two cases in which another model outperformed MCONSTRAINT. Lower-right axis in each graph: x1, the proportion desertscrub cover within 56 m, i.e., local scale. Lower-left axis: x2, proportion desertscrub cover within 1784 m, i.e., landscape scale. Vertical axis: per-site occurrence probability. For visual clarity, vertical axis scaling varies among species according to maximum predicted occurrence probability. Scaling of two horizontal axes remains constant. Four-letter codes identify species; see Table 1 for species names. ASYMP and BILOG represent the asymptotic and bivariate logistic models, respectively.