Table 7. Examples of entries in the socioeconomic indicator lists for the Lesotho study.

Indicator list entry
Examples of flow-related concerns (and links to biophysical disciplines)
Sociology (resource use)
Pools for ceremonial use
Pool depth and size (gemorphologist), water quality (aquatic chemist and microbiologist), control of pest invertebrates and plants including toxic algae (invertebrate and vegetation specialists; Metsi Consultants 2000f)
Public health
Diarrheal disease and skin and eye diseases
Increase in colloidal material allows diarrheal disease-causing organisms such as Giardia to remain in the river for longer, thus increasing the chances of people becoming infected either through contact or consumption (sedimentologist, aquatic chemist, microbiologist; Metsi Consultants 2000g)
Animal health
Simulium chutteri
S. chutteri is a significant potential blackfly pest of livestock (invertebrate specialist; Metsi Consultants 2000h)