Table 6. Examples of entries in the biophysical indicator lists for a study in Lesotho.

Indicator list entry
Links to flow

Deposition of colloidal material
Minimum velocity for maintenance of movement of colloidal material in main channel = 0.05 m/s (Metsi Consultants 2000c)
Water quality
Nutrient levels
Nutrient levels in pools increase under low flow conditions, water in pools flushed by > Class 2 floods (Metsi Consultants 2000d)
Chenopodium album
Mostly in the wetbank vegetation zone, whose width is reduced by a decrease in the volume and variability of low flows and in the number of Class 1 floods (Metsi Consultants 2000a)
Maloti Minnow
Inhabits quiet (< 0.2 m/s) shallow (0.21–0.30 m) waters in rocky reaches with high water quality (Arthington et al. 2003)
Simulium medusaeforme
Filter feeder on cobbles in slow (0.01–0.49 m/s), often polluted water (Metsi Consultants 2000e)