Table 12. Resource quality objectives for riparian vegetation categorized as B/C for the lower Palmiet River, Western Cape (modified from Boucher and Tlale 2000). For an explanation of the categories, please see Table 8.

Riparian vegetation zone   Requirement for the lower Palmiet
to be a B/C river
Aquatic   Aponogeton spp. and algae < 10% cover   Densities will increase if winter floods are not provided.
Marginal   Sandy deposits colonized by herbaceous species, not shrubs or trees
Rocky sills support sexually
reproducing Isolepis digitata
No bank collapse
  If there are constant high flows, I. digitata will not reproduce, and if there are constant low flows, it will only reproduce vegetatively.
Transitional   No bank collapse
No invasion by woody exotic species
Dry   Native woody perennials dominate
Alien invasive species limited to < 5 individuals/10 m²
Post-fire recruitment dominated by woody native perennials
  Present clearing of alien invasive trees must continue.
General   No native riparian plant species should become extinct from the reach or dominate the community   Dramatic changes in species content and density should be explored and explained.