Fig. 4. Changes in 2050 in area of different biomes and vascular plant biodiversity in equilibrium with reduced habitat, relative to 1995. Top left panel shows the area of different biomes and top right panel vascular plant biodiversity at equilibrium, both for the Global Orchestration scenario. The uncertainty bars indicate the maximum and minimum values in the total set of scenarios. The bottom panels show changes in natural habitat extent due to land-use change and climate change at a resolution of 0.5° x 0.5°, for the two most extreme scenarios. Order from Strength, left and Adapting Mosaic, right. From "Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Scenarios, Volume 2" by Steve R. Carpenter, et al., eds. Copyright (c) 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Reproduced by permission of Island Press, Washington, D.C.