Fig. 8. Proposed relationships between changes in fallow cycles and the availability of forage and firewood (FW) resources. Solid lines indicate relationships that are demonstrated by our data, indicated by an asterisk, or supported by other studies. References are indicated by letters. Dotted arrows indicate hypothesized relationships requiring further examination. Supporting literature: (a) Saxena and Ramakrishnan 1984; (b) Young et al. 1987, Staver 1991, Rico-Gray and Garcia-Franco 1992, Quintana-Ascencio et al. 1996; (c) Mertzger 2003, Lawrence 2004; (d) Saxena and Ramakrishnan 1984, Staver 1991, de Rouw 1995; (e) Suggested by Lawrence 2004; (f) Competitive exclusion by aggressive short-fallow species, suggested by Purata 1986; (g) Suggested by Lawrence 2004, Lawrence et al. 2005, although no evidence for this relationship found in the present study (see discussion).