Table 2. Description of the five studied green spaces. For an in-depth description, see Appends. 1–3 and Borgström (2003).

National Urban ParkStockholm Woodland CemeteryFlaten Nature ReserveTyresta ForestTyresån watershed
Distance to cityIn the cityOn the city fringe10 km SE20 km SE10–20 km S
Protection By NUP law since 1995UNESCO world heritage site since 1994Nature reserve since 2004Nature reserve and National park since the 1990sNo formal protection as a whole
Property rights and management organization Owned and managed by several actors; the Royal Djurgården Administration manages 80% Owned by Stockholm Municipality and managed by the Stockholm Cemeteries AdministrationOwned and managed by the Stockholm Municipality; the lake is owned by Stockholm Vatten ABMostly owned by the State and managed by the Tyresta FoundationSix municipalities with managment resonsibility that is co-ordinated by the Tyresån Project
Protected valuesRecreational, cultural, naturalRecreational, culturalRecreational, naturalRecreational, naturalWatershed; forestry, agriculture, settlements, and recreational, cultural, and natural values
Size27 km21 km26 km247 km2240 km2
LandscapeBoth forests and park landscape Both parks and more natural pine forests Flaten Lake surrounded by mainly forests and some open landConiferous forests, of which some are old growth38 connected lakes and watershed inhabiting approx. 200 000 people
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