Fig. 6. Simulated effect of 0–100% A1 harvesting on the population growth rate, λ, including a sensitivity analysis of the effects of harvesting between 0–40% of juveniles. Values are the mean and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) of 2000 bootstrap simulation runs. The Low, Medium, and High harvesting intensities are labeled. Harvesting levels with mean λ values below 1, but with 95% CIs that range above 1, are considered to be sustainable. With no juvenile harvesting, up to 40% of A1 individuals can be harvested sustainably. If 10% of juveniles are harvested, A1 harvesting should be limited to about 30%. A 20% annual rate of juvenile harvesting means only 20% of A1 trees should be harvested. A 40% rate juvenile extraction should limit A1 harvesting to 10%.