Table 1. Data output at farm and sector levels.

Farm level Unit Sector level Unit
Structure Production
Farm size ha Region totals ha, LU
Economic size ESU Inputs
Farm type Total land input ha
Main income source Part-time/ Total capital input
full-time Total labor h
Owned land ha Investment
Rented land ha Investment expenditure
Production Economic land rent €/ha
Output in quantities ha, LU Sector totals of farm level data various units
Output in value
Overheads Farm level Unit
Maintenance Financial situation
Depreciation Profit
Wages paid Equity capital
Rent paid Change in equity
Interest paid Net investments
Annualised average costs of fixed capital Income and labor
Variable costs €/unit Labour input h
Subsidies Family labor h
Direct payments Farm net value added
Land Total household income
Economic land rent €/ha Off-farm income
Rent paid arable land €/ha
Rent paid grassland €/ha
Balance sheet
Total assets
Total fixed assets
Total land assets
Borrowed capital
Short-term borrowed capital