Table 1. Preference factors from the analysis of the survey data (Fernandez et al. 2005), with percent of variance explained by each. Numbers in parentheses indicate the loading of strongly related variables, i.e., those loading 0.5 or higher, on each factor. All variables not loading greater than 0.5 on any one variable are listed under "other factors." All variables used in the analysis are listed once.

Factor Label
Variance Explained
Strongly Related Preference Variables
Social Comfort
16.1 %
familiar with area (0.81)
close to family and friends (0.75)
people similar to you (0.60)
12.6 %
openness and spaciousness (0.85)
close to natural areas (0.85)
lots of recreational opportunities (0.50)
Residential Aesthetics
12.8 %
attractive appearance of neighborhood (0.75)
appearance and layout of the dwelling (0.73)
Schools and Work
11.0 %
close to work (0.74)
good schools (0.56)
Other factors

housing costs and good value
convenient to shopping and schools
community size