Appendix 1. Instructions given to the participants.

The instructions and explanation of the lottery was given orally in the Kichwa language. Reading loud of a written text was discarded because many of the inhabitants had only a rudimentary understanding of the Spanish language and - as the use of Kichwa as a written language is a quite new phenomenon in the community - also the reading of a text written in Kichwa would sound awkward and could for many be difficult to understand. We presented the purpose of the lottery, making reference to the arguments previously put forward by different community members regarding the relation between income and hunting, and explaining that we used the lottery tickets as a substitute for real money, in order to see what kind of items the people would prefer to buy in case of getting an extra income. In order to minimize the risk that people would perceive any social pressure to choose any particular item rather than any other, we emphasized that we would not judge or condemn anybody for his or her choice. Displaying all the prize items in front of the crowd, demonstrating that we were actually willing to give away any of them according to the preferences of the lottery participants themselves, also helped to make this point clear. The rules of the game were explained as follows:

  • Every adult community member present would receive a lottery ticket for free. (Any mestizoteachers, or other non-members of the community, would thus be excluded).
  • On receiving the ticket, one must indicate which item one preferred out of the alternatives for the first prize and the second prize, respectively. We would indicate their choices on the lottery ticket.
  • The winning tickets would be drawn at the end of the assembly. The winners would then receive the items they had indicated on beforehand.