Table 3. Diversification of tourism thematic areas in Cape Horn. Omora scientists are developing these new topics through the preparation of guidebooks and training courses for tourist guides with the support of the regional government.

New Tourism Themes
Tourism Activities
Tourism with a hand lens
Guided tours to explore the beauty of the diverse lichens, mosses, and liverworts of the world´s southernmost forest and tundra ecosystems (Goffinet et al. 2006)
The path of Darwin in Cape Horn and its influence on the development of his theory on human evolution
Guided tours to places visited by Darwin around the Cape Horn Archipelago, focusing on those that inspired the young naturalist to conceive his theory of human evolution (Rozzi and Heidinger 2006)
The mosaic of land-seascapes of Cape Horn
Guided tours that invite tourists to look at the southern tip of the Americas with an ecosystem perspective, which enhance the appreciation of the unique and diverse mosaic of pristine landscapes in Cape Horn (Rozzi et al. 2006a)
Indigenous Yahgan ecological knowledge
Guided tours that interrelate the biological diversity of Cape Horn with the Yahgan culture, linking this appreciation to the current Yahgan handcraft industry that still uses tree bark, rushes, and whalebones (Massardo and Rozzi 2006).