Table 1. Ten principles guide the actions of Omora Park to implement biocultural conservation at the southern extreme of the Americas. All principles interact simultaneously and have multiple functions; however, they can be grouped under three main subject areas and practices that enable Omora to put these concepts into action.

Main subject

(1) Interinstitutional collaboration

Maintaining diverse participants in the project

Omora’s participatory approach, involving cross-scale interplay of institutions with both horizontal and vertical linkages
(2) Participatory approach
(3) Interdisciplinary biocultural approach
(4) Networking and international cooperation

(5) Communication through the media

Outreach of biocultural conservation practices and results

Involving the community in the Omora initiative, reaching out to local, national, and international levels; biocultural integration of sciences and humanities
(6) Identification of a flagship species
(7) Integration of curriculum and intercultural education in the outdoors

(8) Economic sustainability

Sustainable socioecological systems

A three-dimensional approach to achieve sustainability at the level of the Omora Park, as well as the level of the Cape Horn region, based on a biocultural vision of place
(9) Social and administrative sustainability
(10) Research and conceptual sustainability