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Table of Contents: Volume 10, Issue 2

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Resilience—Now More than Ever
Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke
Compromised Rivers: Understanding Historical Human Impacts on Rivers in the Context of Restoration
Ellen Wohl
Lake Restoration in Terms of Ecological Resilience: a Numerical Study of Biomanipulations under Bistable Conditions
Takashi Amemiya, Takatoshi Enomoto, A. G. Rossberg, Noriko Takamura, and Kiminori Itoh
History and Local Management of a Biodiversity-Rich, Urban Cultural Landscape
Stephan Barthel, Johan Colding, Thomas Elmqvist, and Carl Folke
A Diagrammatic Approach to Understanding Complex Eco-Social Interactions in Kathmandu, Nepal
R. Cynthia Neudoerffer, David Waltner-Toews, James J. Kay, D. D. Joshi, and Mukta S. Tamang
Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being: a Participatory Study in a Mountain Community in Portugal
Elvira Pereira, Cibele Queiroz, Henrique Miguel Pereira, and Luis Vicente
River Rehabilitation for Conservation of Fish Biodiversity in Monsoonal Asia
David Dudgeon
Applying Retrospective Demographic Models to Assess Sustainable Use: the Maya Management of Xa’an Palms
Andrea Martínez-Ballesté, Carlos Martorell, Miguel Martínez-Ramos, and Javier Caballero
The Politics of Scale, Position, and Place in the Governance of Water Resources in the Mekong Region
Louis Lebel, Po Garden, and Masao Imamura
Changes in Nature’s Balance Sheet: Model-based Estimates of Future Worldwide Ecosystem Services
Joseph Alcamo, Detlef van Vuuren, Claudia Ringler, Wolfgang Cramer, Toshihiko Masui, Jacqueline Alder, and Kerstin Schulze
Concomitant Patterns in Avian and Mammalian Body Length Changes in Denmark
Niels Martin Schmidt and Per Moestrup Jensen
Integrating Sacred Knowledge for Conservation: Cultures and Landscapes in Southwest China
Jianchu Xu, Erzi T Ma, Duojie Tashi, Yongshou Fu, Zhi Lu, and David Melick
Assessing Ecological Risks at the Landscape Scale: Opportunities and Technical Limitations
Lawrence A Kapustka
The Political Economy of Cross-Scale Networks in Resource Co-Management
W. Neil Adger, Katrina Brown, and Emma L. Tompkins
Uncertainty in Discount Models and Environmental Accounting
Donald Ludwig, William A. Brock, and Stephen R Carpenter
Should Ecosystem Management Involve Active Control of Species Abundances?
Robert B Lessard, Steven J. D. Martell, Carl J Walters, Timothy E Essington, and James F Kitchell
Learning More Effectively from Experience
Ioan Fazey, John A. Fazey, and Della M. A. Fazey
Integration and Implementation Sciences: Building a New Specialization
Gabriele Bammer
Foghorns to the Future: Using Knowledge and Transdisciplinarity to Navigate Complex Systems
Georgina N. R. Cundill, Christo Fabricius, and Neus Marti
Creating an Adaptive Ecosystem Management Network Among Stakeholders of the Lower Roanoke River, North Carolina, USA
Susan L. Manring and Sam Pearsall
Interpreting and Correcting Cross-scale Mismatches in Resilience Analysis: a Procedure and Examples from Australia’s Rangelands
John A Ludwig and Mark D Stafford Smith
Book Review
Sayer, J. A., and B. M. Campbell. 2004. The Science of Sustainable Development. Local Livelihoods and the Global Environment. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
Lisen Schultz
A Note on Creating Robust Resistance Surfaces for Computing Functional Landscape Connectivity
A response to: Rothley. 2005. “Finding and Filling the "Cracks" In Resistance Surfaces for Least-cost Modeling”
David M. Theobald
Potential Methodological Flaw in the Examination of the Effects of Logging
A response to: Baidya Roy et al. 2005. “Can Logging in Equatorial Africa Affect Adjacent Parks?”
Robert Nasi
On Using Expert-Based Science to “Test” Local Ecological Knowledge
A response to: Gilchrist et al. 2005. “Can Local Ecological Knowledge Contribute to Wildlife Management? Case Studies of Migratory Birds”
Ryan K Brook and Stéphane M McLachlan
Accelerating Deforestation in the Congo Basin Can Pose Climate Risks
A response to: Nasi. 2005. “Potential Methodological Flaw in the Examination of the Effects of Logging”
Somnath Baidya Roy and Peter D Walsh
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