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The Science and Practice of Ecology and Society

The Science and Practice of Ecology & Society Award is given annually to the individual or organization that is most effective in bringing transdisciplinary science of the interactions of ecology and society into practice. Examples of possible winners include, a high school teacher who develops a special curriculum, a mayor with initiatives and actions for the town based on scientific concepts, a journalist who brings scientific insights to a broader audience, or a NGO group who facilitates local knowledge production in rural communities.

The purpose is to recognize the importance of practitioners who translate the scientific findings and insights of the scholarly community to practical applications. We want to identify innovative practitioners so that their story can be an example for others.

The Award
The award consists of 1000 Euro and an article in Ecology and Society devoted to this person or organization. This article will be written by those who send in the nomination.

Who can be nominated?
A person or organization that has succeeded in translating transdisciplinary science theory into practice.

Who nominates?
Any academic scholar or group of academic scholars can nominate a person or organization. An accompanying letter will argue why this person or organization is an exemplary example of the interface of practice and science in the domain of ecology and society. Self-nominations are not accepted.

How do I nominate someone?
There are no application forms. Nominators need to provide a convincing letter. Nomination letters are typically a few pages to make a convincing case. Essays describing past winners are extensions of the nomination letters.

Where to submit nominations?
The deadline for nominations falls annually on July 1st. Nomination letters can be sent, preferably electronically, to Dr. Marco Janssen, Email: School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, Box 872402, Tempe, AZ 85287-2402.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I nominate myself?
A: No, you can only nominate others

Q: I have some new research ideas. Does your program fund this?
A: No, this award is not for research proposals, but recognizes practitioners on their past accomplishments.

Q: I would like to nominate a colleague for his/her important scientific contributions. Does your award program consider this?
A: No, this award is to recognize practitioners. Academics can be nominated, but for their activities as a practitioner, not their scientific contributions.

Q: What do I submit to nominate somebody?
A: Please write and submit an essay in which you describe the accomplishments of the nominated person or organization. You may look at essays written about past winners of the award for examples. The winning essays are typically drafts of what will become the article for Ecology and Society.

Q. Do you have a nomination form that I need to fill in?
A: There is no official form. The essay as described above is the material on which decisions are based.