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"Novel Approaches of Integrative Science for the Future"

Ecology and Society invites our 11,000+ subscribers and all other readers to participate in a manuscript competition that exploits novel ways of performing integrative science and policy research.

Transdisciplinary science is often promoted in words and not in practice. Young scholars derive many incentives to specialize in certain disciplines, and experience few incentives to be creative in combining insights from various scientific disciplines and performing science in nontraditional ways. We ask our readers to be part of an effort to stimulate novelty and creativity of new ways of performing science.

From 2006 onwards, all Ecology and Society submissions will be considered for the Ralf Yorque Memorial competition. A prize of 500 Euro and a place on the main index page of the journal will be awarded to the author(s) of the most novel paper that integrates different streams of science to assess fundamental questions in the ecological, political, and social foundations for sustainable social-ecological systems.

Manuscript submissions, while exploring new ways of science should include a balance of novelty and content. Each submission will be peer-reviewed for content and assessed by the Ecology and Society Editorial Board for novelty.

We are grateful to the Foundation of Scientific Symbiosis for providing the resources to finance this competition.