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Exploring Social-Ecological Resilience through the Lens of the Social Sciences: Contributions, Critical Reflections, and Constructive Debate
Exploring agency beyond humans: the compatibility of Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and resilience thinking
Angga Dwiartama and Christopher Rosin
Making social sense of aquaculture transitions
Simon R. Bush and Melissa J. Marschke
Seeing the forest for the trees: hybridity and social-ecological symbols, rituals and resilience in postdisaster contexts
Keith G. Tidball
Social-ecological systems, social diversity, and power: insights from anthropology and political ecology
Michael Fabinyi, Louisa Evans, and Simon J Foale
Stasis and change: social psychological insights into social-ecological resilience
Elizabeth V. Hobman and Iain Walker
Probing the interfaces between the social sciences and social-ecological resilience: insights from integrative and hybrid perspectives in the social sciences
Samantha Stone-Jovicich
Conceptualizing power to study social-ecological interactions
Wiebren J Boonstra
Studying the complexity of change: toward an analytical framework for understanding deliberate social-ecological transformations
Michele-Lee Moore, Ola Tjornbo, Elin Enfors, Corrie Knapp, Jennifer Hodbod, Jacopo A. Baggio, Albert Norström, Per Olsson, and Duan Biggs
Understanding adaptation and transformation through indigenous practice: the case of the Guna of Panama
Marina J Apgar, Will Allen, Kevin Moore, and James Ataria
Using fuzzy cognitive mapping as a participatory approach to analyze change, preferred states, and perceived resilience of social-ecological systems
Steven A Gray, Stefan Gray, Jean Luc De Kok, Ariella E. R. Helfgott, Barry O'Dwyer, Rebecca Jordan, and Angela Nyaki
Guest Editorial
Expanding the contribution of the social sciences to social-ecological resilience research
Samantha Stone-Jovicich, Bruce E Goldstein, Katrina Brown, Ryan Plummer, and Per Olsson
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087