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Rebuilding Fisheries and Threatened Communities: the Social-Ecology of a Particularly Wicked Problem
Guest Editorial
Introduction to the Special Feature on rebuilding fisheries and threatened communities
Rosemary E Ommer and Barbara Neis
The capacity to adapt?: communities in a changing climate, environment, and economy on the northern Andaman coast of Thailand
Nathan J. Bennett, Philip Dearden, Grant Murray, and Alin Kadfak
Rebuilding the Namibian hake fishery: a case for collaboration between scientists and fishermen
Barbara Paterson and Paulus Kainge
Strengthening threatened communities through adaptation: insights from coastal Mozambique
Jessica L. Blythe, Grant Murray, and Mark Flaherty
Certifying the commons: eco-certification, privatization, and collective action
Paul Foley and Bonnie McCay
Local empowerment through the creation of coastal space?
Jahn Petter Johnsen and Bjørn Hersoug
Local and regional strategies for rebuilding fisheries management institutions in coastal British Columbia: what components of comanagement are most critical?
Evelyn Pinkerton, Eric Angel, Neil Ladell, Percy Williams, Midori Nicolson, Joy Thorkelson, and Henry Clifton
A coastal foodscape: examining the relationship between changing fisheries and community food security on the west coast of Newfoundland
Kristen N. Lowitt
Resilient communities? Collapse and recovery of a social-ecological system in Arctic Norway
Else Grete Broderstad and Einar Eythórsson
Resource degradation, marginalization, and poverty in small-scale fisheries: threats to social-ecological resilience in India and Brazil
Prateep K. Nayak, Luiz E. Oliveira, and Fikret Berkes
Consilient knowledge in fisheries: a case study of three species of wolffish (Anarhichadidae) listed under the Canadian Species at Risk Act
Jennifer Dawe and David Schneider
“The fishery went away”: The impacts of long-term fishery closures on young people's experience and perception of fisheries employment in Newfoundland coastal communities
Nicole G. Power, Moss E. Norman, and Kathryne Dupré
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