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Ecosystem Service Trade-offs across Global Contexts and Scales
Guest Editorial
Ecosystem service trade-offs across global contexts and scales
Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Patricia Balvanera, Elizabeth King, and Stephen Polasky
A sustainability framework for assessing trade-offs in ecosystem services
Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Stephen Polasky, Elizabeth King, and Patricia Balvanera
Trade-offs in ecosystem services and varying stakeholder preferences: evaluating conflicts, obstacles, and opportunities
Elizabeth King, Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Patricia Balvanera, Tuyeni H Mwampamba, and Stephen Polasky
Trade-offs between ecosystem services and alternative pathways toward sustainability in a tropical dry forest region
Francisco Mora, Patricia Balvanera, Eduardo García-Frapolli, Alicia Castillo, Jenny M. Trilleras, Daniel Cohen-Salgado, and Oscar Salmerón
Ecosystem service trade-offs, perceived drivers, and sustainability in contrasting agroecosystems in central Mexico
Carlos E. González-Esquivel, Mayra E. Gavito, Marta Astier, Martin Cadena-Salgado, Ek del-Val, Laura Villamil-Echeverri, Yair Merlín-Uribe, and Patricia Balvanera
Kenyan pastoralist societies in transition: varying perceptions of the value of ecosystem services
Eva Kaye-Zwiebel and Elizabeth King
Optimizing nitrogen rates in the midwestern United States for maximum ecosystem value
Patrick M Ewing and Bryan C Runck
Ecosystem service trade-offs and land use among smallholder farmers in eastern Paraguay
Jake J. Grossman
Trade-offs in nature tourism: contrasting parcel-level decisions with landscape conservation planning
Karen E Allen
From biophysical to social-ecological trade-offs: integrating biodiversity conservation and agricultural production in the Argentine Dry Chaco
Matias E. Mastrangelo and Pedro Laterra
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