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The Governance of Adaptation
Guest Editorial
The governance of adaptation: choices, reasons, and effects. Introduction to the Special Feature
Dave Huitema, William Neil Adger, Frans Berkhout, Eric Massey, Daniel Mazmanian, Stefania Munaretto, Ryan Plummer, and Catrien C. J. A. M. Termeer
How to Track Adaptation to Climate Change: A Typology of Approaches for National-Level Application
James D. Ford, Lea Berrang-Ford, Alex Lesnikowski, Magda Barrera, and S. Jody Heymann
Priming the Governance System for Climate Change Adaptation: The Application of a Social-Ecological Inventory to Engage Actors in Niagara, Canada
Julia Baird, Ryan Plummer, and Kerrie Pickering
The role of knowledge and power in climate change adaptation governance: a systematic literature review
Martinus J. Vink, Art Dewulf, and Catrien Termeer
Justice in Urban Climate Change Adaptation: Criteria and Application to Delhi
Sara Hughes
The Adaptation Policy Paradox: the Implementation Deficit of Policies Framed as Climate Change Adaptation
Johann Dupuis and Peter Knoepfel
A Governing Framework for Climate Change Adaptation in the Built Environment
Daniel A. Mazmanian, John Jurewitz, and Hal T. Nelson
The Influence of Forums and Multilevel Governance on the Climate Adaptation Practices of Australian Organizations
Lorraine E. Bates, Melissa Green, Rosemary Leonard, and Iain Walker
Water Governance in Chile and Canada: a Comparison of Adaptive Characteristics
Margot A. Hurlbert and Harry Diaz
Integrating adaptive governance and participatory multicriteria methods: a framework for climate adaptation governance
Stefania Munaretto, Giuseppina Siciliano, and Margherita E. Turvani
Adapting adaptation: the English eco-town initiative as governance process
Daniel Tomozeiu and Simon Joss
Toward successful joint knowledge production for climate change adaptation: lessons from six regional projects in the Netherlands
Dries Hegger and Carel Dieperink
Communicating adaptation with emotions: the role of intense experiences in raising concern about extreme weather.
Eleftheria Vasileiadou and Wouter J. W. Botzen
A method for the deliberate and deliberative selection of policy instrument mixes for climate change adaptation
Heleen L. P. Mees, Justin Dijk, Daan van Soest, Peter P. J. Driessen, Marleen H. F. M. W. van Rijswick, and Hens Runhaar
Turning points in climate change adaptation
Saskia Elisabeth Werners, Erik van Slobbe, Tobias Bölscher, Albert Oost, Stefan Pfenninger, Giacomo Trombi, Marco Bindi, and Marco Moriondo
Can Adaptive Comanagement Help to Address the Challenges of Climate Change Adaptation?
Ryan Plummer
Social Justice and Adaptation in the UK
Magnus Benzie
Responsibility for private sector adaptation to climate change
Tina Schneider
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