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Beyond Carbon: Enabling Justice and Equity in REDD+ Across Levels of Governance
Guest Editorial
Beyond Carbon: Enabling Justice and Equity in REDD+ Across Levels of Governance
Heike Schroeder and Constance McDermott
REDD+ for the poor or the poor for REDD+? About the limitations of environmental policies in the Amazon and the potential of achieving environmental goals through pro-poor policies
Benno Pokorny, Imme Scholz, and Wil de Jong
Community Monitoring for REDD+: International Promises and Field Realities
Finn Danielsen, Teis Adrian, Søren Brofeldt, Meine van Noordwijk, Michael K. Poulsen, Subekti Rahayu, Ervan Rutishauser, Ida Theilade, Atiek Widayati, Ngo The An, Tran Nguyen Bang, Arif Budiman, Martin Enghoff, Arne E. Jensen, Yuyun Kurniawan, Qiaohong Li, Zhao Mingxu, Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, Suoksompong Prixa, Vongvisouk Thoumtone, Zulfira Warta, and Neil Burgess
REDD+ and Human Rights: Addressing Synergies between International Regimes
Annalisa Savaresi
From Carbon Projects to Better Land-Use Planning: Three Latin American Initiatives
Laura M. Rival
Equity and REDD+ in the Media: a Comparative Analysis of Policy Discourses
Monica Di Gregorio, Maria Brockhaus, Tim Cronin, Efrian Muharrom, Levania Santoso, Sofi Mardiah, and Mirjam Büdenbender
Evaluating Safeguards in a Conservation Incentive Program: Participation, Consent, and Benefit Sharing in Indigenous Communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon
Torsten Krause, Wain Collen, and Kimberly A. Nicholas
Who Should Benefit from REDD+? Rationales and Realities
Cecilia Luttrell, Lasse Loft, Maria Fernanda Gebara, Demetrius Kweka, Maria Brockhaus, Arild Angelsen, and William D. Sunderlin
Indigenous Peoples in UN REDD+ Negotiations: “Importing Power” and Lobbying for Rights through Discursive Interplay Management
Linda Wallbott
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