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Cooperation, Local Communities, and Marine Social-ecological Systems: New Findings from Latin America
Guest Editorial
The role of cooperation for improved stewardship of marine social-ecological systems in Latin America
Sebastián Villasante and Henrik Österblom
Uncommon among the Commons? Disentangling the Sustainability of the Peruvian Anchovy Fishery
Milena Arias Schreiber and Andrew Halliday
Overfishing Drivers and Opportunities for Recovery in Small-Scale Fisheries of the Midriff Islands Region, Gulf of California, Mexico: the Roles of Land and Sea Institutions in Fisheries Sustainability
Ana Cinti, Jennifer N. Duberstein, Esteban Torreblanca, and Marcia Moreno-Báez
Exploring External Validity of Common Pool Resource Experiments: Insights from Artisanal Benthic Fisheries in Chile
Stefan Gelcich, Ricardo Guzman, Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, Juan Carlos Castilla, and Juan Camilo Cárdenas
Cooperative and Noncooperative Strategies for Small-scale Fisheries’ Self-governance in the Globalization Era: Implications for Conservation
Xavier Basurto, Abigail Bennett, Amy Hudson Weaver, Salvador Rodriguez-Van Dyck, and Juan-Salvador Aceves-Bueno
Estimating the Adaptive Capacity of Local Communities at Marine Protected Areas in Latin America: a Practical Approach
Jorge H. Maldonado and Rocio del Pilar Moreno-Sánchez
Impacts of Climate Variability on Latin American Small-scale Fisheries
Omar Defeo, Mauricio Castrejón, Leonardo Ortega, Angela M. Kuhn, Nicolás L. Gutiérrez, and Juan Carlos Castilla
Comanagement of clams in Brazil: a framework to advance comparison
Ligia M. Rocha and Evelyn Pinkerton
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