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Sustainable Land-Use Practices in Mountain Regions: Integrative Analysis of Ecosystem Dynamics Under Global Change, Social-Economic Impacts, and Policy Implications
Guest Editorial
Sustainable Land-use Practices in European Mountain Regions under Global Change: an Integrated Research Approach
Robert Huber, Harald Bugmann, Alexandre Buttler, and Andreas Rigling
Constructing Consistent Multiscale Scenarios by Transdisciplinary Processes: the Case of Mountain Regions Facing Global Change
Fridolin Simon Brand, Roman Seidl, Quang Bao Le, Julia Maria Brändle, and Roland Werner Scholz
Dynamics of Forage Production in Pasture-woodlands of the Swiss Jura Mountains under Projected Climate Change Scenarios
Konstantin S Gavazov, Alexander Peringer, Alexandre Buttler, François Gillet, and Thomas Spiegelberger
A Contextual Analysis of Land-Use and Vegetation Changes in Two Wooded Pastures in the Swiss Jura Mountains
Joël Chételat, Michael Kalbermatten, Kathryn S.M. Lannas, Thomas Spiegelberger, Jean-Bruno Wettstein, François Gillet, Alexander Peringer, and Alexandre Buttler
Combining Policy Network and Model-Based Scenario Analyses: An Assessment of Future Ecosystem Goods and Services in Swiss Mountain Regions
Christian Hirschi, Alexander Widmer, Simon Briner, and Robert Huber
Modeling Social-Ecological Feedback Effects in the Implementation of Payments for Environmental Services in Pasture-Woodlands
Robert Huber, Simon Briner, Alexander Peringer, Stefan Lauber, Roman Seidl, Alexander Widmer, François Gillet, Alexandre Buttler, Quang Bao Le, and Christian Hirschi
Trade-Offs between Ecosystem Services in a Mountain Region
Simon Briner, Robert Huber, Peter Bebi, Ché Elkin, Dirk R. Schmatz, and Adrienne Grêt-Regamey
Past and future landscape dynamics in pasture-woodlands of the Swiss Jura Mountains under climate change
Alexander Peringer, Silvana Siehoff, Joël Chételat, Thomas Spiegelberger, Alexandre Buttler, and François Gillet
Integrating Expert Knowledge into Mapping Ecosystem Services Trade-offs for Sustainable Forest Management
Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Sibyl H. Brunner, Juerg Altwegg, Marc Christen, and Peter Bebi
Sustainable Land Use in Mountain Regions Under Global Change: Synthesis Across Scales and Disciplines
Robert Huber, Andreas Rigling, Peter Bebi, Fridolin Simon Brand, Simon Briner, Alexandre Buttler, Ché Elkin, François Gillet, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Christian Hirschi, Heike Lischke, Roland Werner Scholz, Roman Seidl, Thomas Spiegelberger, Ariane Walz, Willi Zimmermann, and Harald Bugmann
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087