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Applying Landscape Science to Natural Resource Management
Guest Editorial
Applying Landscape Science to Natural Resource Management
Guy M Robinson and Doris A Carson
Food-Carbon Trade-offs between Agriculture and Reforestation Land Uses under Alternate Market-based Policies
Stacey Paterson and Brett Anthony Bryan
The Natural Resource Management Implications of Rural Property Turnover
Emily Mendham, Allan Curtis, and Joanne Millar
An interview methodology for exploring the values that community leaders assign to multiple-use landscapes.
Darla Hatton MacDonald, Rosalind Bark, Andrea MacRae, Tina Kalivas, Agnes Grandgirard, and Sarah Strathearn
A Tool and Process that Facilitate Community Capacity Building and Social Learning for Natural Resource Management
Christopher M Raymond and Jen Cleary
Dynamic land cover information: bridging the gap between remote sensing and natural resource management
Richard Thackway, Leo Lymburner, and Juan Pablo Guerschman
A Methodology to Map Ecosystem Functions to Support Ecosystem Services Assessments
Mik Petter, Shannon Mooney, Simone M Maynard, Andrew Davidson, Melanie Cox, and Ila Horosak
Understanding Public Support for Indigenous Natural Resource Management in Northern Australia
Kerstin K Zander
Collaborative Measurement of Performance of Jointly Managed Protected Areas in Northern Australia
Natasha Stacey, Arturo Izurieta, and Stephen T Garnett
Agents, Individuals, and Networks: Modeling Methods to Inform Natural Resource Management in Regional Landscapes
Lael Parrott, Clément Chion, Rodolphe Gonzalès, and Guillaume Latombe
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