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Implementing Participatory Water Management: Recent Advances in Theory, Practice and Evaluation
Guest Editorial
Implementing Participatory Water Management: Recent Advances in Theory, Practice, and Evaluation
Yorck von Korff, Katherine A Daniell, Sabine Moellenkamp, Pieter Bots, and Rianne M Bijlsma
Supporting the Shift from State Water to Community Water: Lessons from a Social Learning Approach to Designing Joint Irrigation Projects in Morocco
Marcel Kuper, Mathieu Dionnet, Ali Hammani, Younes Bekkar, Patrice Garin, and Bettina Bluemling
Beyond Dry Feet? Experiences from a Participatory Water-Management Planning Case in The Netherlands
Machiel Lamers, Bouke Ottow, Greet Francois, and Yorck von Korff
Is the Jury Still Out? Toward Greater Insight in Policy Learning in Participatory Decision Processes—the Case of Dutch Citizens' Juries on Water Management in the Rhine Basin
Dave Huitema, Corinne Cornelisse, and Bouke Ottow
Evaluation of Bayesian Networks in Participatory Water Resources Management, Upper Guadiana Basin, Spain
Pedro Zorrilla, Gema Carmona, África De la Hera, Consuelo Varela-Ortega, Pedro Martínez-Santos, John Bromley, and Hans Jorgen Henriksen
Re-connecting with a Recovering River through Imaginative Engagement
Paul Selman, Claudia Carter, Anna Lawrence, and Clare Morgan
Participatory Research for Adaptive Water Management in a Transition Country – a Case Study from Uzbekistan
Darya Hirsch, Geraldine Abrami, Raffaele Giordano, Stefan Liersch, Nilufar Matin, and Maja Schlüter
An Empirical Analysis of Stakeholders’ Influence on Policy Development: the Role of Uncertainty Handling
Rianne M. Bijlsma, Pieter W. G. Bots, Henk A. Wolters, and Arjen Y. Hoekstra
Supporting the Constructive Use of Existing Hydrological Models in Participatory Settings: a Set of “Rules of the Game”
Pieter W. G. Bots, Rianne Bijlsma, Yorck von Korff, Nicolien Van der Fluit, and Henk Wolters
Social Learning through Participatory Integrated Catchment Risk Assessment in the Solomon Islands
Suzanne Hoverman, Helen Ross, Terence Chan, and Bronwyn Powell
Facilitating Transitional Processes in Rigid Institutional Regimes for Water Management and Wetland Conservation: Experience from the Guadalquivir Estuary
Pablo F. Méndez, Nicola Isendahl, Jaime M. Amezaga, and Luis Santamaría
A Framework for Clarifying “Participation” in Participatory Research to Prevent its Rejection for the Wrong Reasons
Olivier Barreteau, Pieter W. G. Bots, and Katherine A Daniell
Designing Participation Processes for Water Management and Beyond
Yorck von Korff, Patrick d'Aquino, Katherine A Daniell, and Rianne Bijlsma
Co-engineering Participatory Water Management Processes: Theory and Insights from Australian and Bulgarian Interventions
Katherine A. Daniell, Ian White, Nils Ferrand, Irina S. Ribarova, Peter Coad, Jean-Emmanuel Rougier, Matthew Hare, Natalie A. Jones, Albena Popova, Dominique Rollin, Pascal Perez, and Stewart Burn
Informal Participatory Platforms for Adaptive Management. Insights into Niche-finding, Collaborative Design and Outcomes from a Participatory Process in the Rhine Basin
Sabine Moellenkamp, Machiel Lamers, Christian Huesmann, Sophie Rotter, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Karina Speil, and Wiebke Pohl
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087