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Effects of Roads and Traffic on Wildlife Populations and Landscape Function
Guest Editorial
Effects of Roads and Traffic on Wildlife Populations and Landscape Function: Road Ecology is Moving toward Larger Scales
Rodney van der Ree, Jochen A. G. Jaeger, Edgar A. van der Grift, and Anthony P. Clevenger
Quantifying the Road-Effect Zone: Threshold Effects of a Motorway on Anuran Populations in Ontario, Canada
Felix Eigenbrod, Stephen J. Hecnar, and Lenore Fahrig
Frogs Call at a Higher Pitch in Traffic Noise
Kirsten M Parris, Meah Velik-Lord, and Joanne M. A. North
Road Zone Effects in Small-Mammal Communities
John A. Bissonette and Silvia A. Rosa
Impacts of Traffic Noise and Traffic Volume on Birds of Roadside Habitats
Kirsten M. Parris and Angela Schneider
Integration of Regional Mitigation Assessment and Conservation Planning
James H Thorne, Patrick R Huber, Evan H Girvetz, Jim Quinn, and Michael C McCoy
Reducing Moose–Vehicle Collisions through Salt Pool Removal and Displacement: an Agent-Based Modeling Approach
Paul D. Grosman, Jochen A. G. Jaeger, Pascale M. Biron, Christian Dussault, and Jean-Pierre Ouellet
Wildlife Tunnel Enhances Population Viability
Rodney van der Ree, Dean Heinze, Michael McCarthy, and Ian Mansergh
Can Road-Crossing Structures Improve Population Viability of an Urban Gliding Mammal?
Brendan D. Taylor and Ross L. Goldingay
Cost–Benefit Analyses of Mitigation Measures Aimed at Reducing Collisions with Large Ungulates in the United States and Canada: a Decision Support Tool
Marcel P. Huijser, John W. Duffield, Anthony P. Clevenger, Robert J. Ament, and Pat T. McGowen
Behavioral Responses of Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens) to Roads and Traffic: Implications for Population Persistence
Julie Bouchard, Adam T. Ford, Felix E Eigenbrod, and Lenore Fahrig
Modeling the Effect of Traffic Calming on Local Animal Population Persistence
Frank van Langevelde and Catharinus F. Jaarsma
Piloting a Non-Invasive Genetic Sampling Method for Evaluating Population-Level Benefits of Wildlife Crossing Structures
Anthony P Clevenger and Michael A Sawaya
Road Impacts on Abundance, Call Traits, and Body Size of Rainforest Frogs in Northeast Australia
Conrad J. Hoskin and Miriam W. Goosem
Evidence that a Highway Reduces Apparent Survival Rates of Squirrel Gliders
Sarah C McCall, Michael A McCarthy, Rodney van der Ree, Michael J Harper, Silvana Cesarini, and Kylie Soanes
Large Gaps in Canopy Reduce Road Crossing by a Gliding Mammal
Rodney van der Ree, Silvana Cesarini, Paul Sunnucks, Joslin L Moore, and Andrea Taylor
Effects of Roads on Animal Abundance: an Empirical Review and Synthesis
Lenore Fahrig and Trina Rytwinski
Beyond Roadkill, Radiotracking, Recapture and FST—a Review of Some Genetic Methods to Improve Understanding of the Influence of Roads on Wildlife
Jody M Simmons, Paul Sunnucks, Andrea C Taylor, and Rodney van der Ree
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