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The influence of human demography and agriculture on natural systems in the Neotropics
Guest Editorial
Globalization and Land-Use Transitions in Latin America
H. Ricardo Grau and Mitchell Aide
Coca and Colonists: Quantifying and Explaining Forest Clearance under Coca and Anti-Narcotics Policy Regimes
Andrew V Bradley and Andrew C Millington
A Peri-Urban Neotropical Forest Transition and its Consequences for Environmental Services
H Ricardo Grau, María Eugenia Hernández, Jorgelina Gutierrez, N. Ignacio Gasparri, M. Cristina Casavecchia, Emilio E. Flores-Ivaldi, and Leonardo Paolini
Total Historical Land-Use Change in Eastern Bolivia: Who, Where, When, and How Much?
Timothy J Killeen, Anna Guerra, Miki Calzada, Lisette Correa, Veronica Calderon, Liliana Soria, Belem Quezada, and Marc K Steininger
Agricultural Abandonment, Suburban Growth, and Forest Expansion in Puerto Rico between 1991 and 2000
Isabel K Parés-Ramos, William A Gould, and T. Mitchell Aide
Thirty Years of Human Demography and Land-Use Change in the Atlantic Forest of Misiones, Argentina: an Evaluation of the Forest Transition Model
Andrea E. Izquierdo, Carlos D. De Angelo, and T. Mitchell Aide
Metropolitanization and Forest Recovery in Southern Brazil: a Multiscale Analysis of the Florianópolis City-Region, Santa Catarina State, 1970 to 2005
Sandra R Baptista
Land-Use and Land Cover Dynamics in South American Temperate Grasslands
Germán Baldi and José M. Paruelo
Historical, Demographic, and Economic Correlates of Land-Use Change in the Republic of Panama
Stuart Joseph Wright and Mirna Julieta Samaniego
The Roles and Movements of Actors in the Deforestation of Brazilian Amazonia
Philip M Fearnside
Urban Forest and Rural Cities: Multi-sited Households, Consumption Patterns, and Forest Resources in Amazonia
Christine Padoch, Eduardo Brondizio, Sandra Costa, Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez, Robin R. Sears, and Andrea Siqueira
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