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Pathways to Resilient Salmon Ecosystems
Guest Editorial
Reconnecting Social and Ecological Resilience in Salmon Ecosystems
Daniel L. Bottom, Kim K. Jones, Charles A Simenstad, and Courtland L Smith
Archaeological Evidence for Resilience of Pacific Northwest Salmon Populations and the Socioecological System over the last ~7,500 years
Sarah K. Campbell and Virginia L. Butler
Evolutionary History, Habitat Disturbance Regimes, and Anthropogenic Changes: What Do These Mean for Resilience of Pacific Salmon Populations?
Robin S. Waples, Tim Beechie, and George R. Pess
Resilient Salmon, Resilient Fisheries for British Columbia, Canada
Michael C Healey
Freshwater Ecosystems and Resilience of Pacific Salmon: Habitat Management Based on Natural Variability
Peter A Bisson, Jason B Dunham, and Gordon H Reeves
The Social Construction of Fishing, 1949
Carmel Finley
Resilience in Lower Columbia River Salmon Communities
Irene E. Martin
The Fate of Coho Salmon Nomads: The Story of an Estuarine-Rearing Strategy Promoting Resilience
K V. Koski
Merits and Limits of Ecosystem Protection for Conserving Wild Salmon in a Northern Coastal British Columbia River
Aaron C. Hill, Thomas S. Bansak, Bonnie K. Ellis, and Jack A. Stanford
Comparative Resilience in Five North Pacific Regional Salmon Fisheries
Xanthippe Augerot and Courtland L Smith
Institutions for Managing Resilient Salmon (Oncorhynchus Spp.) Ecosystems: the Role of Incentives and Transaction Costs
Susan S Hanna
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