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Catastrophic Thresholds, Perspectives, Definitions, and Applications
Guest Editorial
Introduction to Special Feature on Catastrophic Thresholds, Perspectives, Definitions, and Applications
Robert A Washington-Allen, David D. Briske, Herman H. Shugart, and Lucinda F. Salo
Fertility Island Formation and Evolution in Dryland Ecosystems
Luca Ridolfi, Francesco Laio, and Paolo D’Odorico
Quantification of the Ecological Resilience of Drylands Using Digital Remote Sensing
Robert A. Washington-Allen, R. D. Ramsey, Neil E. West, and Brien E. Norton
Grasshopper Population Ecology: Catastrophe, Criticality, and Critique
Dale R Lockwood and Jeffrey A Lockwood
Variability in Population Abundance is Associated with Thresholds between Scaling Regimes
Donald Wardwell and Craig R Allen
When to Spray: a Time-Scale Calculus Approach to Controlling the Impact of West Nile Virus
Diana Thomas, Marion Weedermann, Lora Billings, Joan Hoffacker, and Robert A Washington-Allen
Panarchy: Discontinuities Reveal Similarities in the Dynamic System Structure of Ecological and Social Systems
Ahjond S Garmestani, Craig R Allen, and Lance Gunderson
Natural Length Scales of Ecological Systems: Applications at Community and Ecosystem Levels
Craig R Johnson
Novelty, Adaptive Capacity, and Resilience
Craig R Allen and C. S. Holling
Catastrophic Thresholds: A Synthesis of Concepts, Perspectives, and Applications
David D. Briske, Robert A. Washington-Allen, Craig R. Johnson, Jeffrey A. Lockwood, Dale R. Lockwood, Tamzen K. Stringham, and Herman H Shugart
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087