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Crossing Scales and Disciplines to Achieve Forest Sustainability
Guest Editorial
Crossing Scales and Disciplines to Achieve Forest Sustainability
Michael J. Papaik, Brian Sturtevant, and Christian Messier
Factors Contributing to the Cultural and Spatial Variability of Landscape Burning by Native Peoples of Interior Alaska
David C. Natcher, Monika Calef, Orville Huntington, Sarah Trainor, Henry P. Huntington, La’ona DeWilde, Scott Rupp, and F. Stuart Chapin III
Using Backcast Land-Use Change and Groundwater Travel-Time Models to Generate Land-Use Legacy Maps for Watershed Management
Bryan Pijanowski, Deepak K Ray, Anthony D Kendall, Jonah M Duckles, and David W Hyndman
Sustaining Biodiversity in the Oregon Coast Range: Potential effects of Forest Policies in a Multi-ownership Province
Brenda C McComb, Thomas A. Spies, and Keith A. Olsen
Household Land Management and Biodiversity: Secondary Succession in a Forest-Agriculture Mosaic in Southern Mexico
Rinku Roy Chowdhury
Indigenous Knowledge and Values in Planning for Sustainable Forestry: Pikangikum First Nation and the Whitefeather Forest Initiative
R. Michael O'Flaherty, Iain J. Davidson-Hunt, and Micheline Manseau
Modeling the Effects of Land Use on the Quality of Water, Air, Noise, and Habitat for a Five-County Region in Georgia
Virginia H Dale, Farhan Akhtar, Matthrew Aldridge, Latha Baskaran, Michael Berry, Murray Browne, Michael Chang, Rebecca Efroymson, Charles Garten, Jr., Eric Lingerfelt, and Catherine Stewart
A Real Options Approach to Forest-Management Decision Making to Protect Caribou under the Threat of Extinction
Don G. Morgan, S. Ben Abdallah, and Pierre Lasserre
A Toolkit Modeling Approach for Sustainable Forest Management Planning: Achieving Balance between Science and Local Needs
Brian R. Sturtevant, Andrew Fall, Daniel D. Kneeshaw, Neal P. P. Simon, Michael J. Papaik, Kati Berninger, Frédérik Doyon, Don G. Morgan, and Christian Messier
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