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Restoring Riverine Landscapes
Guest Editorial
Restoring Riverine Landscapes: The Challenge of Identifying Priorities, Reference States, and Techniques
Christer Nilsson, Roland Jansson, Björn Malmqvist, and Robert J Naiman
Ecology, Planning, and River Management in the United States: Some Historical Reflections
Martin Reuss
Compromised Rivers: Understanding Historical Human Impacts on Rivers in the Context of Restoration
Ellen Wohl
River Rehabilitation for Conservation of Fish Biodiversity in Monsoonal Asia
David Dudgeon
The Importance of Social Learning in Restoring the Multifunctionality of Rivers and Floodplains
Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Environmental Flows: Striking the Balance between Development and Resource Protection
Jackie King and Cate Brown
Process-Based Ecological River Restoration: Visualizing Three-Dimensional Connectivity and Dynamic Vectors to Recover Lost Linkages
G. Mathias Kondolf, Andrew J. Boulton, Scott O'Daniel, Geoffrey C Poole, Frank J. Rahel, Emily H. Stanley, Ellen Wohl, Asa Bång, Julia Carlstrom, Chiara Cristoni, Harald Huber, Saija Koljonen, Pauliina Louhi, and Keigo Nakamura
River Restoration and Meanders
G. Mathias Kondolf
Restoring Riparian Ecosystems: The Challenge of Accommodating Variability and Designing Restoration Trajectories
Francine M. R Hughes, Adrian Colston, and J. Owen Mountford
Restoring Environmental Flows by Modifying Dam Operations
Brian D. Richter and Gregory A. Thomas
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