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Scale and Cross-scale Dynamics
Guest Editorial
Scale and Cross-Scale Dynamics: Governance and Information in a Multilevel World
David W. Cash, W. Neil Adger, Fikret Berkes, Po Garden, Louis Lebel, Per Olsson, Lowell Pritchard, and Oran Young
The Politics of Scale, Position, and Place in the Governance of Water Resources in the Mekong Region
Louis Lebel, Po Garden, and Masao Imamura
The Political Economy of Cross-Scale Networks in Resource Co-Management
W. Neil Adger, Katrina Brown, and Emma L. Tompkins
Vertical Interplay among Scale-dependent Environmental and Resource Regimes
Oran Young
From Community-Based Resource Management to Complex Systems: The Scale Issue and Marine Commons
Fikret Berkes
Enhancing the Fit through Adaptive Co-management: Creating and Maintaining Bridging Functions for Matching Scales in the Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve, Sweden
Per Olsson, Carl Folke, Victor Galaz, Thomas Hahn, and Lisen Schultz
The Problem of Fit between Ecosystems and Institutions: Ten Years Later
Carl Folke, Lowell Pritchard, Jr., Fikret Berkes, Johan Colding, and Uno Svedin
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087